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外研七下Module 12Unit 2课件

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Module 12 Western music
Unit 2

1. 自从1750年以来,许多音乐家来维也纳学习和工作。
From 1750 a lot of musicians came ______ ______ and ______
in Vienna.
2. 他的舞曲使他闻名于整个欧洲。
His dance music ______ him ______ ______ ______ Europe.
答案:1. to study; work 2. made; famous all over

3. 他不到六岁时就不仅会弹钢琴还会拉小提琴。
Before he was six, he played ______ ______ the piano ______
______ the violin.
4. 像约翰·施特劳斯父子一样,他是一位伟大的欧洲音乐家,并
______ Johann Strauss, father and son, he was a great
European musician, and many people ______ ______ his music
______ ______ .
答案:3. not only; but also 4. Like; still think; is perfect

1. His dance music made him famous all over Europe.
◆The boss made the workers do the work all day.
◆We made him our monitor. 我们选他当班长。

【探究总结】 make的用法
(1)make+sb. /sth. +adj. 意为“使某人/某物(怎么样)”。
(2)make+sb. /sth. +n. 意为“使某人/某物成为……”。
(3)make+sb. +do sth. 意为“使某人做某事”。

My uncle likes telling stories and his stories often make us
A. laugh B. laughing C. to laugh D. laughs

2. another pron. 又一个;再一个
◆Mozart was another very important composer.
◆This sweater is too big for me. Could you show me another
◆May I have another two bananas?

【探究总结】 another的用法
词复数 =数词+ more + 可数名词复数。

①I don’t like this pen. Please show me ______.
A. another B. other
C. others D. the other
②Americans like moving from one place to ______.
A. the other B. another
C. other D. one more

not only . . . but also . . . 不仅……而且……
◆Before he was six, he played not only the piano but also the
◆Mr. Hu can speak not only English but also French.
◆The little girl not only can play the piano but also can play the

【探究总结】 not only . . . but also . . . 的用法
(1)not only. . . but also. . . 意为“不仅……而且……;既……又
(2)not only. . . but also. . . 常与both. . . and. . . 相互转换使用,
但both. . . and. . . 连接并列主语时,谓语动词要用复数。

①Not only you but also he ______ (be) going to the cinema.
②Not only you but also Li Lei ______ (read) newspapers every
答案: ①is ②reads

Ⅰ. 选词填空
1. Austria is______ (a/an) European country.
2. My______ brother is ______(older/elder) than Tom.
3. The result of the singing competition made Mary ______
答案:1. a 2. elder; older 3. happy

4. There’s a foreign teacher______ (called/calling) David in our
5. Not only my parents but also I ______(am/are) at the same
答案:4. called 5. am

Ⅱ. 单项选择
1. A boy ______ Jim is waiting for you.
A. called B. calling C. calls D. is called
2. The shirt is small for me, please give me ______ one.
A. other B. the other
C. another D. /

3. —What makes him ______?
—His team has won the game.
A. to happy B. to be happy
C. being happy D. so happy
4. Children go to school ______ six.
A. on the age of B. at the age of
C. in the age of D. for the age of

5. —Why did you go to Beijing?
—We went there ______.
A. to visit my aunt B. visiting my aunt
C. visited my aunt D. to visited my aunt